Artem Vorobiienko

Managing partner "ERFOLG und GENAU audit"

Artem has more than 10 years of experience in tax consulting and audit of the financial statements. More than 5 years, he headed as deputy and chief editor of a leading professional tax and accounting editions in Ukraine - the newspaper "All about accounting." Artem also led numerous audit projects in the agriculture, retail, engineering, media and real estate.

+38 (044) 227-2085; +38(097) 622-6633;


Yurii Necheporenko

Partner "ERFOLG und GENAU audit"

Yurii has more than 10 years of experience in providing professional services for companies operating in various sectors of the economy. Yurii led big projects in agriculture, engineering, retail, both in terms of audit, reporting and installation of accounting systems.

+38 (044) 227-2085; +38(098) 456-5959;

Oksana Kovalenko

Special advisor to the Board of the group "ERFOLG und GENAU audit"

+38 (044) 227-2085; +38(067) -548-22-02

Oleg Zhuravlev

Partner  "ERFOLG und GENAU consulting"

Oleg has more than 10 years of experience in consulting on corporate governance, crisis management and M&A transactions. He has a PhD degree in Economics, an MBA (University of New Brunswick). He is a member of the Professional Association of Corporate Governance of Ukraine. He was voted the best corporate secretary of Ukraine for 2012. Our professional consultants have successfully completed a broad range of projects in various sectors of the economy: banking industry, chemical industry, machinery construction, food and mining industries as well as in the aviation industry and real estate.

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