Our team

Team "ERFOLG und GENAU" - those who love their job and works on the result: a highest-quality product to our client!

To reach the best possible effectiveness of the solutions, we are employing professionals with extended experience in various sectors of the economy. These are business consultants, HR, experts on the installation of accounting systems, leading experts on tax and legal consulting, marketers, advertisers, etc.

"ERFOLG und GENAU" is proud to share with you the high quality audit skills with unique background in the supporting the IPO projects of our audit clients. Professionals of "ERFOLG und GENAU" have made a solid input into the success stories of Ukrainian IPOs run during recent seven years.

The work of our professionals is based on a specialization, allowing us to concentrate resources and expertise in specific areas of activity and types of services. Audit services and consulting services for enterprises of various types are set out into separate areas - audit services, tax consulting and legal, financial advisory, - uniting employees with a special basic education and extensive experience in a particular industry. Any question of the client is met by the specialists "ERFOLG und GENAU" who develop an optimal solution that ensures compliance with time and budgetary framework of particular project.

Knowledge and experience of our team – is unique and diversified. These lead to the principles of the work which are the following:

  • Anytime you are engaged into project or consulting you do your best to find an effective solution for this unique request of the Client;
  • Responsible for the quality of everything you do;
  • Continuously improve your professional skills and knowledge.

We appreciate the professional and trusting relationships with partners and customers focus on their rapid development and expansion, the establishment of new long-lasting business contacts.


Auditor services of the company are led by the company's partners Artem Vorobienko and Yuri Necheporenko.

Artem Vorobiienko

Partner "ERFOLG und GENAU audit"

Artem has more than 10 years of experience in tax consulting and audit of the financial statements. More than 5 years, he headed as deputy and chief editor of a leading professional tax and accounting editions in Ukraine - the newspaper "All about accounting." Artem also led numerous audit projects in the agriculture, retail, engineering, media and real estate.

Yurii Necheporenko

Partner  "ERFOLG und GENAU audit"

Yurii has more than 10 years of experience in providing professional services for companies operating in various sectors of the economy. Yurii led big projects in agriculture, engineering, retail, both in terms of audit, reporting and installation of accounting systems.

Oksana Kovalenko

Special advisor to the Board of the group "ERFOLG und GENAU audit"