Investment services and M&A deals

Professionals of ERFOLG und GENAU are ready to supply you with a full range of investment and management services related with M&A deals:

  • Raising equity capital through public or/and private placements
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A), strategic alliances, development of fund-raising strategies for M&A deals:
♦ Preparation and support of negotiations
♦ Due diligence
♦ Development and approval of the scheme with the parties of the transaction, including international parties and different jurisdictions
♦ Project management of the transaction 
  • Debt Capital Markets (Local Bonds, Eurobonds)
  • Advising on the restructuring of the economic and financial performance of the businesses focused on fund-raising.
  • Consultations on the optimal capital structure of the entity
  • Protection of the company from hostile mergers and acquisitions
  • Block trades

The way we work::

1. Perform legal and accounting audit of the targeted company, the analysis of financial statements, tax audit.

            The following sub-steps are carried out:

♦ analysis of the structure of revenues and expenditures of the audited company;
♦ evaluation of system of internal controls;
♦ analysis of fixed assets, investments, accounts receivable and accounts payable, inventory of the company;
♦ analysis of the loan agreements and obligations, contingent liabilities, the completeness and accuracy of accounting of assets and liabilities.

2. Choose the most optimal structure of the deal considering all financial, legal and tax implications

3. Report the results of our test in the form of a detailed memorandum with description of identified financial, tax and legal risks that may have an influence on the planned transaction.

The team of «ERFOLG und GENAU» could go on with further steps in M&A deals’ support:

  • developing a holding company structure, including proposals for jurisdictions;
  • provides comprehensive support (outsourcing, auditing, etc.) of the holding company in any jurisdiction;
  • transaction support of an offshore restructuring in order to optimize both the M&E procedures and follow-up.

«ERFOLG und GENAU» shall provide you with comprehensive set of consulting, secretary, legal and audit support of your companies during their lifetime – from FAST incorporation to SAFE going concern.