Corporate Administration Services


Office services to support trust providers in their day-to-day operations. These services are rendered at two levels: client level and customer level.

Client Level

These services are meant for our client: you, as a trust and company management service provider. These services are aimed at supporting your day-to-day internal activities and include:

  • Internal administration, including bookkeeping and treasury;
  • Management reporting for business/employee performance evaluation, budgeting, etc.;
  • Time registration, including the set-up, configuration and training related to a specifically customized ERP package; and
  • Billing and collection services for all services rendered to your client entities, including the preparation and sending of invoices and reminders, and actual collection activities.

To facilitate the delivery of these services by our team, we offer licensing, set up, and training for supporting systems for client relationship management, time registration, billing and bookkeeping. The result is an essential cost reduction: the result of higher efficiency and reduced time spent on non-core processes.

Customer Level

These services are meant for the clients you service and are aimed at supporting your day-today commercial activities:

  • Compliance services, including initial screening of new clients and annual compliance reviews to confirm each entity’s good standing;
  • Accounting and tax services specifically for trusts and underlying entities. These services can be rendered in white label format; and
  • Legal support services, including the preparation of draft legal documents and government filing forms. In jurisdictions where we have our own representative office, we can also assist in the actual filing of the government forms.



Through Erfolg und Genau we offer our clients’ professional support at all levels, we can act as corporate Director. This service includes

  • Acting as a corporate Director
  • Supervising and controlling the activities and performance of the Administrator
  • Preparing and signing authorized board resolutions as appropriate for the set-up
  • Organizing the annual general meeting of Shareholders as required by the Investment Manager

In our role as Corporate Director it is our responsibility that the interest of all the stakeholders is served in the best possible way. The company needs to be kept in good standing and in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations. In addition, the Corporate Director is responsible for the adherence by the fund and its operators to the rules as laid out in the corporate documents and the Offering Memorandum of the fund.

 When different stakeholders have conflicting interests, the Corporate Director has to apply, and sometimes interpret, the relevant rules, on the basis of a balanced judgment. The notion that an impartial and experienced party is responsible will instill confidence in prospective investors, who often have no voting rights in the fund.

 Given our wide experience as Corporate Directors, we will strive to be an asset to the fund by bringing knowledgeable and experience on fund matters and contribute to a culture of sound corporate governance.

 We look forward to discussing how we can help meet your Director Service’s needs. All inquiries are welcome and will be treated confidentially. For any questions, requests or comments please contact us.