Tax planning

The purpose of tax planning is to achieve the best financial results by reducing the negative effect of tax changes. In contrast to tax evasion, tax planning is a truthful and legal way to save your earnings.

The possibility of tax planning is provided by alternative of economic and tax frameworks: same goals can be achieved in different ways, with vary of tax and financial consequences.

Tax planning enables the company to:

  • Follow the tax law;
  • Minimize tax charges;
  • Maximize the profit;
  • Design structure of mutually relationships with suppliers and customers;
  • Avoid penalties.

The effective use of tax planning requires a deep knowledge in application of tax incentives, the calculation of the tax base, special tax mode and other nuances of tax law.

"ERFOLG und GENAU" will help you in the construction of highly efficient and individual systems of tax planning and proper accuracy of tax accounting.