Outsourcing, Preparation of FS

“ERFOLG und GENAU” offers you comprehensive services of FS outsourcing.

Transfer of certain functions (business processes) to us as the experts in this field, will allow you to efficiently dispose your available resources. You could save on the acquisition of office furniture, equipment, software, seminars and training courses, staff payroll and social security expenses with the help of our service.

Transferred to us financial statements preparation you can completely trust us and focus on new business projects.

Complicated issues – entrust to us, save you time for important items!


We are ready to offer you:

  • One-time preparation of consolidated and separate financial statements;
  • Periodic preparation of financial statements;
  • Consulting in selection of accounting policies under IFRS;
  • Practical help in the transformation of the financial statements in accordance with IFRS;
  • Advice on the application of IFRS;
  • Consulting in the organization of accounting in compliance with IFRS;
  • Preparation of the financial statements’ disclosures;
  • Monitoring of the real financial state of your company based on reports prepared under IFRS.

You will be able to take advantage of our experiences in reporting under IFRS and to protect yourself against unwanted errors.

Our main advantage are a extended experience, deep professionalism and responsible approach to work. We know all the nuances and features of the financial statements and to prepare documents properly and on time.

Experience of "ERFOLG und GENAU" team allows us to offer you professionally performed work for the prosperity of your business.