About Us


"ERFOLG und GENAU" is a dynamic professional team driven by mutual development with our clients.

Our motto is:


  • SAFE with Us - Your reports are always on time and friendly for users!
  • FAST with Us - We do big audit projects till 15 February! It’s real!
  • We open the WORLD for YOU.  We supply our clients with tickets to LSE, WSE, FWB. Whole World!

Our company is certified by Audit Chamber of Ukraine and is specialized in the fields of audit and consulting services.

Our team has an extended and in-depth knowledge and experience of cooperation and servicing of business of different type and size.

"ERFOLG und GENAU" is proud to share with you the high quality audit skills with unique background in the supporting the IPO projects of our audit clients. Professionals of "ERFOLG und GENAU" have made a solid input into the success stories of Ukrainian IPOs run during recent seven years.

“Erfolg und Genau” has own office in Cyprus (branch) which gives us an ability to be physically present at any moment at any place in Cyprus whether this involves local services firms or the local Authorities. All questions are discussed in a timely and cost-efficient basis. Erfolg und Genau assist in providing directorship and other relationship services relating to the holding of clients’ entities.

We offer our clients high quality services based on the deep understanding of the environment and unique experience of our professionals. Our experience covers participation in the teams engaged for fund-raising through bond issues, IPO and placements. Our partners in Luxemburg have the highest recognized certifications for tax services as well as good working relationships with local authorities’ representatives. Our extended experience in projects related to complicated consolidation structures, transition of the accounting to fast-closing – will support your IPO compliance activities.

Our main goal and prize is the high quality unique decision for each particular issue of our client.

We are focused on the specifics of work with each of our client, their business and needs.  We offer a diversity of solutions for business – from training to strategic advice.  We are inspired to learn current limitation of our clients, prepare the breakthrough solutions and help to realize these by mutual efforts of the clients’ and consultants’ teams.

Backed by the diversified expertise of our team members we can provide you with practical business approach in solving the most sophisticated business issues that your financial personnel may face in the area of accounting, reporting, controlling, taxation and consulting.

"ERFOLG und GENAU" is working smart for making YOUR goals REACHED.