Full range of accounting service

We provide you with full range of accounting, tax, management accounting in order to:

  1. Give you opportunity to have a time to understand the behavior of your  business and to properly respond to the recent changes;
  2. Provide you with customized reports to meet your requirements;
  3. Provide you with timely advice - when you need it.


Our company has the resources, experience and in-depth knowledge to offer you the services of accounting for individuals and businesses. We can provide accounting services to customers from almost any European country. We have experts within out team that can serve as a liaison between you and European authorities of accountants, auditors and tax officers, if necessary.

General bookkeeping

Successful business management is always based on high-quality and timely data. That’s the way we offer you to cooperate with us in the areas of accounting and human resource management:

  • Option "Chief Accountant" - financial, tax, management reporting;
  • Calculation of salary and wages, related taxes, preparation of appropriate reports;
  • Accounting for particular areas;
  • Recovery of accounting and tax accounting data;
  • Audit of inventory and fixed assets;
  • Preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS;
  • Supporting of clients during the tax audits;
  • Administration of human resource management;
  • Recovery personnel documentation;
  • Checking of the personnel documentation;
  • Recruitment;
  • Outstaffing (providing temporary staff)
  • Providing with advices in finance, labor and management frameworks which impact on accounting and reporting.
  • Preparation of periodic FS and tax returns

Our tax services include:

  • Preparation of periodic reports on income tax
  • Preparation of periodic reports on individual income tax
  • Preparation of VAT returns
  • VAT tax agent services
  • Tax consulting
  • EORI registration
  • Assistance in completing and receiving Intrastat forms or EC Sales Lists (ECSL)
  • Accounting of payroll and related taxes
  • Administration and storage of tax invoices and other related taxes documentation
  • Representing clients in dealing with the tax authorities and other government agencies
  • Verification, recovery and inclusion in the accounting system tax records for prior periods

Consolidation and reporting

Preparation of the consolidated financial statements is based on a good understanding of both the business and its organizational infrastructure. A key factor for success is the formalization of business processes that significantly determine the result of efforts of the financial accounting services. Therefore, we allocate a block of services, which are important elements of a successful preparation of the quality consolidated financial statements:

  • The development of accounting, tax and management accounting policies
  • The development of internal audit and corporate governance
  • Implementation of accounting, tax, management accounting based on 1C 8
  • Audit Business Process «AS IS», identifying risks and providing recommendations to prevent risks (TO BE)
  • Provide recommendations on the optimal size and reorganization of the financial office. Services for the implementation of these changes
  • Automatization of areas of business activities

The cost of services provided by our accounting department is based on the following variables:

  • Number of monthly accounting entries (incoming / outgoing invoices)
  • Number of employees
  • Line of business
  • The number and type of fixed assets

We can provide you with work for a fixed fee, which is based on the experience of working with records and registers, also on information of existing or planned changes in business activities. Contact us for details.