Tax audit

Tax audit is an independent verification of accounting  and taxation systems of company in respect of:
  • Correctness of the tax base for each tax
  • Calculation and payments of taxes and fees for a certain period of time
  • State payments to the budget and extrabudgetary funds,
  • Compliance of accounting and tax systems with requirements of the law.


At the same time becoming more popular comprehensive tax audit.

A competent tax audit will help you avoid tax risks and liability in the form of fines and penalties.

The reasons for this is simple – regulation of taxation is provided through the thousands of laws and regulations in which the accountant often has no opportunity to sort it out due to a chronic lack of time.

"ERFOLG und GENAU" team offer carrying out a comprehensive, in-depth tax review, quick diagnosis, which may include the audit of certain taxes or fees. During the checking  we will pursue tax, legal, and if necessary, personnel audit, according to the methods and principles of tax audits of the State Tax Authority. We also analyze the judicial practice in tax charges and audit reporting.

In the process of the tax audit we will identify:

  • All possible violations related to the wrong accrual of tax liabilities;
  • Erroneous accounting methods.

As the results of the tax review we provide client with a confidential report including notes in respect of compliance of tax reporting with Ukrainian frameworks in all material aspects. It will contain:

  1. reliable data on the tax risks and the actual condition of the company  tax problems;
  2. predicted consequences for the company and management;
  3. possible fines and penalties, the amount of additional taxes that will be accrued after the tax authorities checking.


In case of any violations in the accounting and taxation, identified during the audit, the team of "ERFOLG und GENAU" provides advice under the laws of Ukraine aimed to fix mistakes, assists in the preparation of specified declarations. Qualified tax advice on any matter related to taxation – always at your disposal.