Tax structuring through different jurisdiction

A decision on the jurisdiction of the parent company is very important for the follow-up the shape of company’s activities.

Traditionally, offshore companies are used as a tool for optimization of taxation, but today foreign company is a part of the holding structure that allows you to plan the development of the business and provide with flexibility. You can choose to use on company’s international accounts to generate the needed funds for your investments or as a reserve account for payments to foreign partners.

The choice of the location of incorporation for your companies is influenced by many factors:

  • The history of the country;
  • The value of the company;
  • The system of taxation;
  • The existed network of double-tax treaties;
  • The level of capital gains tax, tax on the dividend payment, and size requirements for paid-up share capital of the holding company;
  • The compliance requirements for accounting, reporting, auditing.

Proper structuring of the business could create a synergy effect of the extended abilities of borrowing, proper shareholders’ control, and increase in effectiveness of the management.

“ERFOLG und GENAU” team could propose you a customized model which will get the thorough review by lawyers and auditors of the countries which are selected for you, and this will minimize the risks of possible non-compliance.

Our own office in Cyprus and partners in Luxembourg and Austria significantly facilitate all organizational issues. All questions will be discussed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our knowledge and experience will help you to avoid risky situations when the commonly used structures are unviable.

Our goal - to design a structure of your holding in order to minimize your risks of running the business and to maximize your business development.