Our mission

The Client starts for us from the first contact and are not closed to us after completion of a project. Each Client is the part of our work and team.

When you are facing a challenging task with limited resources you should act with doubled efforts – because only your movement can grant your growth.  "ERFOLG und GENAU" team will increase your opportunities.

We offer a diversity of solutions for business – from training to strategic advice.  

We only need your goals – and together we will make them true! 


Our motto is:


  • SAFE with Us - Your reports are always on time and friendly for users!
  • FAST with Us - We do big audit projects till 15 February! It’s real!
  • We open the WORLD for yoU.  We supply our clients with tickets to LSE, WSE, FWB. Whole World!

This is confirmed by our rules:

Thoroughly investigating the needs of our customers, we offer a comprehensive business support. We develop unique solution to meet your particular question.

Once getting in touch with us, you will always be supported. The developments and ideas we have is the expertise which we share with your businesses on day-by-day basis.

"ERFOLG und GENAU" together with its customers does not stop on the run to success and leadership. We are diagnosing the problem and prepare the best solutions. We are opening the horizon of opportunities and develop the road-map to them.

"ERFOLG und GENAU" team proved to be the best point for mutual convergence of the management’s vision and consultant’s experience, which are resulted in the fast and efficient track to your targets and goals.

We are focused on the specifics of work with each of our client, their business and needs.  “Particular question – unique answer”, is our approach for work. That’s why you are always unique each time and with each question!


"ERFOLG und GENAU" is working smart for making YOUR goals REACHED.