Due to the high level of professionalism, we collaborate with clients from various industries. Large diversified groups, which bring together a large number of companies in different regions of the country, are our clients.

Accounting rules of an entity differ throughout industries and regions. Team "ERFOLG und GENAU" has solid background of cooperation with business of different size and from various sectors of economy: agriculture, construction, metallurgy, engineering and media.

We are focused on those details of our clients which make them different from other market-players.

We offer our clients a comprehensive range of professional services, customized and specifically developed for each of your businesses.

Our professionals have participated and are currently engaged in the teams working with a fund-raising projects focused on bond issues, IPO and private placements.

Among our clients there are companies that have already received funding through the placement of corporate or debt securities at international financial markets, and at the moment are public. Also we are servicing the businesses which have the target to go for money markets.