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Complicated issues – entrust to us, save you time for important items!

Audit services

Why do you need an audit? This is an opportunity for your business to show itself to the world through financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS or US GAAP. Best international practices of audit – exactly when you need it!

Tax structuring

Complicated and fast changing tax environment leads to the excessive stress of financial officers and shareholders. Our professionals could help you with the toughest issues of taxation rules

Corporate Governance

It is still terra incognita for many companies. Well-established corporate governance helps to increase the company's value and get better terms of external financing.

CYPRUS: your window to EU

“Erfolg und Genau” has own office in Cyprus (branch) which gives us an ability to be physically present at any moment at any place in Cyprus whether this involves local services firms or the local Authorities. All questions are discussed in a timely and cost-efficient basis. Erfolg und Genau assist in providing directorship and other relationship services relating to the holding of clients’ entities.

LUXEMBURG: your door to financial markets

We offer our clients high quality services based on the deep understanding of the environment and unique experience of our professionals. Our experience covers participation in the teams engaged for fund-raising through bond issues, IPO and placements. Our partners in Luxemburg have the highest recognized certifications for tax services as well as good working relationships with local authorities’ representatives. Our extended experience in projects related to complicated consolidation structures, transition of the accounting to fast-closing – will support your IPO compliance activities.

Our team - those who love their job and works on the result: the highest quality product for our client.

Our 3D-model for your business. Past, present, future - just a click away.

Legal Support Services. In jurisdictions where you work - we assist you with best global knowledge of local environment.

Full range of accounting service. Unique solutions to outsource your finance and accounting activities